We are Nivmas

A power house for building the modern, future-proof website.

Nivmas is a professional Web Design company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A team of designers who come together to create radically new approaches to stunning and amazing websites. Nivmas constantly explores ways to capture people’s imagination and transforms them into reality.

Our aim to reinvent the future of business and its impact on people’s lives through its services. Building more Malaysian businesses towards the Creative Media platform. Giving them the opportunity to expand worldwide. We believe values shape and build a company, Nivmas is built on these values:- Love, Kindness, Humbleness and Honesty.

Happy Clients
Successful Projects

More than just our DNA, It is in our Heart Beat.

Our core values beat with :-


Above all, Love is the greatest.
Showing care amongst employees and clients, making sure that there is always a listening ear and a caring heart. True dedication and determination to achieve each other's dreams.


Do to others first.
Kindness generates positivity and transforms into a mood of calmness. It all starts from one person to impact the whole company. It starts with a smile.


Trust is earned.
Being transparent in what we do, building trust amongst our employees and clients. Ensuring that Integrity and Honesty releases physicals and mental stress which gives both parties a sense of inner peace.


True humility comes from within.
To learn and to engage with everyone in all walks of life, acknowledging our limitations and strengths in what we do. Appreciating feedback, constructive criticism and contributions of others.